Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall

What a wonderful beach facility we have at the Hole-in-the-Wall beach. There’s plenty of parking, too!


Take a Walk

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Niantic is a little village with a huge personality.  It’s not a typical “beach” town, but it does have some of those elements.  One of the best elements is the ability to walk.  Niantic is fairly flat, making going for a walk easy.  One of my favorite walks used to be along the boardwalk that ran parallel to the curve of the bay.  During the construction of the new Amtrak railroad bridge, the boardwalk is no longer available, so I have been walking along the west.  When I was a kid, this was the walk we often traveled.  Starting at The Hole-in-the-Wall Beach, the path takes you to McCook Point Park.  From there, it’s an easy downhill stretch to the Big Beach.  Aim for low tide to make passage easier from the Big Beach to Crescent Beach.  When the tide is full, walking over the large rocks is more difficult.  Crescent Beach leads further west to a little path we used to call Cliff Walk, but is really named Marginal Way.  It rises above the water in a gentle, continual slope.  The views are really great here, with all of Niantic Bay at your feet.  One word of advice, though, at the height of summer heat, the path can get really hot in the middle of the day.  When September comes, it’s just about perfect.

What is Village Life

Villages are misunderstood microcosms of a larger town.  Often, they have quirky attributes that give them a unique identity.  I live in a village, and over the years have realized it has myriad differences from its parent town. This blog explores these differences, and is a journey to find out what’s so special about these little treasures of small town life.